The Triangle

Magda: A plane can been seen, enclosed by three intersecting lines; a triangle that rises on the horizon.
The triangle becomes bigger and bigger. It is orange, then gradually turns yellow, then green, blue, purple and finally white.
Each colour in turn, each with its own vibration.

The World of Wisdom can only consist of differing spiritual laws, including the law of the triangle. This triangle affects your daily life, but one is not usually aware of it. However, this spiritual law is there automatically, and it also affects your humanity. This is why it is worth looking at the triangle differently.
A triangle may look nice; you can make a small flag from it and you could surely find one in a box of your children’s or grandchildren‘s building blocks.
You find triangles in your life. It is just the specific explanation that is unknown to many people.
Our vision of the spiritual law has a depth noticed by only very few of us, yet life consists only of triangles.
Take the day for example; the first part is the morning, then the afternoon being the second and night the third. This in itself is a triangle.
Here is our explanation of the triangle: “a situation exists, you follow the path and at the end you find something new happens.” This happens with each new process in the course of your development as a human being.
Each time you will see that the number three is present as a spiritual number; four symbolizes the matter, but it the three is the spiritual number which is used by us to help the human further on his path.
Maybe the three regularly appears in your dreams and these are messages from the World of Wisdom that may help you.
You have a very vivid dream. These are known as lucid dreams and consist of three parts. Perhaps now you are beginning to realize how the triangle appears again and again in your life, to be seen by you.
When you start in a given situation – the first side of the triangle – you feel that you know the situation but feel restless and you don’t want it any more. You have to go through a process in order to change it. This is the second side.
It is not until the third side that you really understand what this process is all about and the contours of the new situation are apparent.
This triangle is very present in your life.
It would be good if you too could discover this in your life.

You can say: “I go to work and there I see three distinct moments which strike me”. Or you could go and visit someone and take the wrong road three times.
So there are many times in life when number three is present but the human is not aware of it.
However, a spiritual law doesn’t exist for nothing. It comes from the World of Wisdom and there the male and female components influence one another in order to help you attain full consciousness.

You need to be observant. How does this triangle affect my life, how does it present itself and what can I do with it? I know it happens but I don’t really understand it. There are many such situations to be found in life. You just have to be alert.


The triangle is present from the beginning to the final situation, and in the process in between. This is necessary for the development of your own material consciousness. But your essence is also going through this process, leading to full consciousness at the spiritual level.

So it is not only the material consciousness that uses it but the essential consciousness that also undergoes this power. Hence, on all fronts one meets the triangle.
Human life consists of three parts: first childhood when a child is amazed by all that is going on. Then comes the adult part where the human tries to solidify into his everyday life what he has experienced and learned in his youth. This is followed by the third part: the human begins to age and says goodbye to the life of which he was so much a part. This is also a triangle.

The above examples clearly show that in all your lives there are many examples and we just ask you to take a look. It could be when you are shopping, educating your children, doing the laundry; yes, the triangle is found in all kinds of situations. Unfortunately, we find that the human does not pay enough attention to it and only sees a few triangles in his life when, in fact, there are many. This is a pity as the human then misses out on the help available to him to continue his journey.
When we speak of the triangle and say: “Look at this triangle”, you need to quit horizontal thinking. The thinking cap needs to swing slightly so that you start thinking vertically, because in order to get an overview of your own life, you have to take a step back and learn to observe and for this to happen the swing of your thinking cap is very important.
Your thinking cap plays a leading role and you do need it in your daily life but just be aware that your thinking cap closes the door to your essence.
We would now like to make a distinction between this thinking cap and the one that you really are, to make you understand that this thinking cap is only a tool and isn’t your true self, although you are inclined to identify with the thinking cap.
What we would like you to do is to look at that thinking cap in another way – more like a part of your body – because that’s all it is. You then begin to observe yourself and gradually you have a broader vision. This is why we ask you to take the time to search: how does a triangle appear in my life?Once you’ve found the first triangle, others will easily follow.

As Teachers, we are already a little more advanced than you. Our vision is wider – but we too learn every day. We find something new every day. We also find triangles appearing in our lives all the time, because we are dealing with essences; dealing with the task. Our own processes also continue in this way and need this triangle again and again in order to understand our task and place in the World of Wisdom.
Although you don’t know too much about it yet, it is great to see that laws rule your lives.
We want to limit ourselves and only show you the triangle, but as a human being you are much more than this – with many possibilities. So we would just like to offer you a little at a time, otherwise it would just be too much.
Each in his own way has to deal with the life he is shown.
If a human is able to do that then he can deal with other observations himself. For example, I have a situation which has lasted for so long I don’t want it any more and deep down I want to continue my journey.
At that moment the triangle is put into effect.
It is useful for you of course to be aware that there is a triangle as a spiritual law.