The Urge 

In the distance there is an image of a long silver-coloured ladder. This ladder is very wide and the distance between the rungs is correspondingly large.
The base of the ladder rises up from the planet, but looking up, I see that the top is resting against the clouds and on top of these clouds stands the Teacher.
He is very tall, has long silvery hair and is dressed in a brilliant white habit, draped around him in undulating folds. He holds his hands obliquely forward and his open palms say: 'Come to me all.'

Towards the upper half of the ladder I see people climbing up hesitantly, rung-by-rung. The more my eyes turn to look downwards, the busier it gets on the ladder.

It is not going very fast as it is a long way up and compared to the ladder and the Teacher the people are all very small.
It takes them a lot of effort to get from one rung to another: some are trying to lift themselves up to the next rungs while others take the sides of the ladder as a climbing pole. There are also a few people sitting on the odd rung here and there as if to catch their breath.
Because of the width of this ladder, several people are occupying each rang at the same time.
Some people are using their elbows, pushing other people aside; and some people who think to move up faster by pushing themselves off against the bodies of their fellow climbers.

On the lower part of this ladder there is a swarm of bodies, all alongside and over each other, perhaps almost fighting to improve their position, so as to enable them to reach the next rung as quickly as possible.
In this mass of people I see a variety of costumes: Mexican, Spanish, Greek, Indonesian, Indian, Chinese, Norwegian, French, Dutch, Canadian and so on.
So, various cultural groups are present.

At the very bottom, where the ladder rests on the earth, there is a massive crowd of people all waiting for their turn to start climbing this ladder. Looking at this mass of people present on the planet, I see several people in the crowd who are head and shoulders above others and who are somehow creating an order in this sea of people. For instance, I can see Ghandi, I can see a pope, there are religious leaders and then several rulers of notoriety in the history of this planet, including Hitler. The people choose to follow a specific person, this leads to the mass of people being separated into all kinds of groups in a natural way. 

I am now standing in the crowd myself and around me I can see people of all ages, from young children to the very old. I also see big differences in social class, from richly dressed people to ragged tramps.
From this position I look back at the ladder. At the bottom, where all those people are waiting in turn to take their first steps on the ladder, there is a small glass house in which a man is sitting. It raises the association of a ticket office at a fair, where one has to pay first before entering the fairground attraction.

 Then I find myself back on top of the clouds and I see the Teacher standing there, but I can’t see any people.
This Teacher has a beautiful appearance and the whole atmosphere here is pure relaxation and peaceful. There’s a wholeness, a BEING COMPLETE.

The Teacher says: In this image we are depicting that within every essence is an imprint of the World of Wisdom and it feels the urge to get in touch with us.
Without exception, without being dependant on cultural rules, man feels within himself a longing, often not yet knowing that it will lead to the World of Wisdom. The quest to find and make contact with this will initially be in a form which is commonplace within one’s own culture.

You can now see that an order is created in the crowd, because one follows a particular leader, a particular guru or a religious ideology, hoping to contact us in an easier way. But even if people think that it can be done this way, every man will have to find his own way in and that is what the ticket office stands for, where everybody will have to pay something.

This payment is not in the form of cash, but can be seen in terms of some kind of sacrifice. It is a matter of letting go of much of what we have learned up until now, so that little by little the foot of the ladder will become accessible.
It does not mean though that, when a human thinks, ‘God had this intention for me, and I have to make this sacrifice’, that the human is instantly in touch with us, because only from that moment on does his climb up the ladder begin.
The letting go of old patterns, the sacrifice that a human makes to get in touch with us, is at the same time the key to the first step on the ladder which ultimately leads to us.

We often see that people get upset, that they become disappointed and say: 'But I paid for it, I have suffered enough and now I am entitled to get a place next to God'.
It means that human believes he can bring his journey to a successful conclusion in the space of just one lifetime and that is why he thinks he deserves a place in heaven, but this is an image, created by norms of the leaders who are in contact with the moon energy.
It is not that we disappoint people, but they become disappointed because people have expectations and these expectations are created by various cultural backgrounds, norms and religious rules.
We see that when a human dies, and the entity indeed hopes to make contact with us, it is disappointed and then needs a period of time to find peace again.
Because of this, we think it’s reprehensible that the many forms of religion and texts from esoteric books raise expectations to the extent that they especially reinforce this disappointment.

The urge to get in touch with us is always present in a human, but this has nothing to do with rules, with religions and with leaders, who think they know the truth. We could even go so far as to say that the person, who establishes himself as a leader, has not yet passed through the ticket office.
He has only felt that there should be more and, together with the moon energy, he has created a vision of what that should look like.
We know the many forms and images that exist from this and we can see that human thinks: ‘If I do this or that, then God sees and helps me and then I will have earned a place in heaven.’

We see that this is a difficult journey for the human, precisely because he thinks, especially because of all those rules and expectations, the road to making contact with us must always be an arduous one, but we know that it is not that difficult, if only these expectations would be let go of.
The human will then come to understand the workings of the thinking hat, and seeing beyond the thinking hat is equivalent to paying at the ticket office, by which action he becomes receptive to multiple possibilities and to a larger view.

This image gives an impression of how man experiences us by means of the different forms of religion and cultural rules and he thinks he knows what our intention is, but it also requires a human to recognize the urge and after that the question is whether he dares to take the step to follow that urge.

You also see in this image that we are towering high above everything.
It is not that we are making ourselves bigger, nor should we be accused of megalomania, but we can see how, especially because of the many expectations and rules, that a human is making himself very small compared to us.

We are also showing that a human is looking for this outside himself, whereas if he were to turn inward, he would already find himself on the first step on this ladder. And not to be present with us in one simple leap. But were he to do so, then climbing the ladder would be a whole lot easier for him, rather than following the rules of the various cultures, where a human tries to do this by kneeling and praying, by burning incense and candles or by following techniques. For a human becomes exhausted when he is trying to reach us by means of rules and regulations. This is a pity because, however hard it may sound, he will not reach the top of this ladder.
That can only be achieved by going under the thinking hat and making contact with one’s essence, which already knows what it is like on this cloud.

The Functioning
We try nevertheless to reach the human and try to bring him in contact with the ladder, but our approach is totally different from what is normal in this or other societies. That is why with us the massiveness, and I see an image of a lot of people following a guru, is hard to find.
In the development of initiatives such as the meetings, the books, the poems, and all kinds of activities etc, the human can suddenly feel a touch, that matches the desire of his essence and he can thereby recognize a change in his own essence.
But we acknowledge that this requires time and that our approach will never gain the popularity prize, as we assume the principle: 'The freedom of the human being is the highest good'.