Denkkap afbeeldingThe Thinking Hat and the Lessons

A Teacher relates: the thinking hat covers the entire world of thoughts, the complete thinking world of man. A thinking hat can become disproportionally big as in this society one believes: I think, so I exist, so ‘my thinking, that’s me!’. But a human is intended to discover what actually is the intention and who he really is.

The thinking hat thinks it knows it all. It thinks it understands the material world and the spiritual world. The thinking hat has a certain ‘view’ and that ‘view’ is made up of all kinds of advice, standards and rules and images of other thinking hats, which a human has been fed with since he was a child. And that is why a child doesn’t get the opportunity to set up its own rules.

And when a child approaches puberty, and hopes to discover itself, its own thinking hat has already made a frame in which the rules of society and the things expected from him are present. There is already a framework in which the adolescent can take some space of his own, but this framework stays definitely. This framework belongs to this society and keeps a lot of people from getting in touch with their own essence consciousness, with who they really are.

A thinking hat receives so much nourishment, so much energy of the human himself, that whenever it gets in touch with our point of view, for instance through our books, or through our meetings, the thinking hat already has its framework present and says: “This does not belong to my rules, this does not belong to my point of view” and closes the door. But it is not the human who closes this door, it is the thinking hat which closes the door.

A human is not able to follow what we pass on to him because of his thinking hat. A human only can feel through his essence, through his ‘I’ and feel if what is said is true or not. Because what we give somebody during a meeting is normally opposed to what this human has learned in his life: from the church, from the schools, from his parents, family and friends in the street.

If a human wants to visit our meetings or wants to read our books, he will have to sink in his attention and not stay up high in his thinking hat. And ‘sinking’ is nothing more than just putting your hands on your tummy and concentrate on your feet.

Source: World of Wisdom