Few humans can imagine how the World of Wisdom compares to all the religions that exist on this planet.
Below you find a summary of the explanation of the Teacher. The complete text is in the book ‘Wisdom’.

Everyone in this culture grew up with heaven and hell and a god sitting on a throne in heaven. But religions as they are used and experienced on this planet are the work of man.
Over the centuries the World of Wisdom has sent humans to the earth to pass on lessons to those humans capable of receiving them. These lessons were worded in a symbolic language, the language of the World of Wisdom.
If you look at the holy books, you will find that these books are in symbolic language only. And it is good to know so that you can set to work on them. But many humans looked at these from the thinking hat and saw them as facts.
From these books rose all sorts of rules in the religions, which had to be followed, like the Ten Commandments. Every religion has some form of these rules.

There are seven Teachers and each of them is at the origin of one of the seven world religions:
Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Bahá’í and Animism (ancestor worship).

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If you compare the books you will find the meaning to be similar, even if other words are used.
The holy books were never written directly, but decades later by other humans from their personal points of view. What is left of the form of the lessons is a just a human form.
The books are a consolation to many humans and something to hold on to, and that is okay. But a human who is somewhat further on his path of consciousness development, no longer feels at home and goes on searching, for example in other religions, hoping to find truth, support and peace.
But if he just goes in search of another form of religion, he is stuck at the same level of consciousness and doesn’t evolve.
Eventually a human has to learn that he must turn inwards and make contact with the World of Wisdom, by himself through his essence.

We are not saying that all those books should be swept aside, but try to feel if they still match with your present view on life and if you still recognise yourself in all those ancient rules.
Each human and each essence is unique and a message may be very important for one human, but not necessarily for another. So make contact with your own essence that will show you what really fits you.