Kersttak gedichtChristmas

MagdaI find myself in a snowy landscape.
The branches of the fir trees are covered in a thick layer of snow and on the ground I see all sorts of footprints in the snow. They are of a brownish colour, as if people have stepped in these footprints many times before.

Before me is an unmanned sleigh with reindeer harnessed to it.
At the back of this sleigh is a boot crammed with all sorts of presents, wrapped in green paper and decorated with little golden stars. Next to the sleigh is a small Father Christmas franticly trying to attract my attention. He is jumping up and down, waving his arms at me.
This is a rather odd image, because he is very tiny in comparison with the big sleigh and the reindeer.
Now the Father Christmas becomes more clearly visible and I can see he is wearing silver-rimmed glasses and he is dressed in a red costume trimmed with white fur. On his feet he has little dark-blue boots. He has a fat tummy and he wears a broad belt, that he is now holding with both hands. And as befits Father Christmas he starts his deep and jolly laugh and I hear: ho, ho, ho…

Now I see two steps.
I walk down these steps, turn round and I see the entire scene now.
It appears to be a show that is taking place on the stage of a small theatre. So the snowy landscape with the sleigh and the little Father Christmas are on this stage and I am in the audience. The stage is lit and I myself am in the dark.

The Teacher says:
Only at the end you saw that it was actually just a play, a show about what Christmas means to each of you.
It characterizes the atmosphere or mood that people evoke with this landscape: the snow, the fir trees, the reindeer and the sleigh.
You also saw the presents in the boot, but this doesn‘t mean that we bring gifts, it just refers to the shopping for presents that takes place at Christmas.
All of this combined brings an image to mind that everyone recognises as Christmastime.

At first Christmas was solely a religious feast and people celebrated the birth of baby Jesus. But as you may have noticed, we haven’t spoken of the Christ Child.
For the people living in this society, only the outward appearance remains. That is not a bad thing, because the Christmas holiday was not created by us from the World of Wisdom As you possibly already know, the stories in the bible about the character called Jesus are created by human beings.

Kerst arreslee

Perhaps you are shocked by this statement, but people have always used moon energy to evoke these images within themselves and to consider them factual.

The moon forms a triangle with the earth and the water and this triangle has a very strong vibration. And as your body also contains over 70% water, this vibration has a strong influence on your own humanness. Human beings use these vibrations to make up fairy tales, to make up mythical lore, to see all kinds of symbols and double layers in his life.

The symbols of the World of Wisdom, which Magda also has to use, resemble the symbols that people use in the moon energy. But the human being who uses those moon symbols always experiences an emotion with them. There is no emotion attached to the symbols of the World of Wisdom, they are just vibrations.
Moon energy impacts everyone’s fantasy strongly and that activates people’s magical thinking.

Particularly in the blue vibration a human being has the tendency to interpret situations in his life through this moon energy and he says: ‘there is no coincidence, there must be a meaning in this for me.’
So all the images we described earlier, are images coming from the moon energy.
Because we know Christmas is coming soon, we want to take a closer look at these images to see what is actually happening, so that you can interpret this period in a different way.
The World of Wisdom views Christmas as just another Sunday, but with a label on it. Christmas doesn't exist for us, but Christmas doesn’t exist for you either. The Christmas holiday is created with your fantasy.
We see that in the days before Christmas people are very busy writing Christmas cards, buying lots of food, buying presents, decorating the tree, gathering the family, etc. But all of that is connected to moon energy.

We encourage you to think about what Christmas means to you and to ask yourself the question: ‘why do I like Christmas or why don’t I like Christmas?’
In the image at the start of this text, you saw that the footprints in the snow were brown. This means that everyone’s interpretation of Christmas is based on tradition, with the corresponding emotions, and that they are revisited year after year.
You saw that Magda had to walk down two steps.
Two stands for thinking. It means that the entire Christmas holiday has to do with your thinking hat.

But we are not finished yet, because we have only talked about the different expressions of Christmas, but it all started somewhere.

The story of Christmas
When we look at the story from which Christmas originated, we see that it’s based in ecclesiastical tradition and that first and foremost the goal was to propagate the birth of Jesus Christ. Although, Christmas also has roots in pagan religions, in olden times this was preparation for the winter solstice. The decorated tree is related to this tradition.
Over the centuries more and more people have been sent to this earth to teach our lessons, and as you know these lessons are conveyed through symbols, because the language of the World of Wisdom consist only of symbols.
The story from which Christmas originated was also told in the language of symbols, but people tried to understand this on the basis of moon energy and interpreted it as literal events. Together we are going to look at what these symbols initially meant.

Kerststal kleurJoseph, Mary and the child
In the nativity story we tried to bring out your inner-child, but especially your natural force, through the symbol of the Christ Child. Which means that the male and female side within you have to start working together. In this collaboration the child, your essence, can blossom and come into the light. Joseph and Mary symbolise this collaboration and you can see the birth as the development of your own Being.

The inn and the stable
I see an image of an inn, there are a lot of people and there is an abundance of sounds…
Only in himself, in silence, can a human come into contact with his essence. When he is still in the haze of his thinking hat, this contact is impossible. The inn symbolises the hustle and bustle and the frills associated with the holidays, like Christmas dinner, family gatherings, Christmas cards, etc. It’s not difficult to see why your essence doesn’t feel at home in this inn, it can only be present in it’s own nature. A human being can only say: ‘I am who I am and I feel from within that I …’, and you have to complete this sentence for yourself… Only then are you in your own nature, and the symbol we use for that is the stable.

The three Wise Men
When a human being is in contact with his essence, meaning the essential consciousness, he will get signals from that moment on and he will start a search following these impulses he receives from the World of Wisdom. The symbol for these impulses is the star that leads the wise men to Bethlehem.
‘I have to follow that star, I have to follow that light, through this I will get further on my path.’
Three stands for the spiritual number. The wise men are also referred to as the three kings and in our language of symbols the king represents a certain role, someone who takes responsibility and makes his own choices.

We wanted to show you how the story of Christmas was originally intended. But we are not rejecting the holiday that is Christmas completely, because you are part of this society after all.
Going into the holiday season, we hope you keep this in the back of your mind. And you cannot share this with other people because it is a process in yourself, but society assumes: This is a ‘we-holiday’.

In any case we hope you will have a nice couple of days, if only to get a good rest, as they are only a few extra days off.