The Different Forms of Thinking Hats

The Teacher: In the World of Wisdom hats have a symbolic value as they stand for thinking. When a human, in the development of his consciousness is in the blue vibration, he will be wearing ‘a blue hat’.

That means that the thinking is imbued in the blue vibration, in which the human will behave in a certain way with himself and the world around him. But the human is intended to become aware how his thinking hat works. For one it is a rigid blue top hat, for another it is a kind of nightcap or a fool’s cap and so on, but they all are blue. This means that the basic tone of everyone’s thoughts is in the blue vibration but that every interpretation is very personal.

Try for yourself if one of the following hats suits you?
A cowboy hat: a person appealed by this hat experiences the world as desolate wasteland. He has the feeling that he must overcome all currents around him on his own.

The human wearing the skullcap is trying to find rules in everything, is always looking for the truth within rules.

The Tyrolean hat is looking for freedom, has no contact with the ground beneath him, he only wants to climb the mountain and reach the top.

The human in a top hat never unbends and will time and again, chose situations which  familiar to him. He knows what he is up to, knows about etiquette and social rules.

Somebody wearing a fool’s cap tries to make fun of everything, is afraid to admit that he is a spiritual essence and whenever the conversation comes too close he tries to get away with it with humour, with a joke.

The human in a nightcap constantly soothes himself to sleep, does not dare to listen to the impetuses he feels, does not dare to listen to his dreams.

When a human wears a helmet he thinks he has to defend himself all the time. He can hide in this big helmet and does not let the light in.

A human in a chef’s hat experiences his ‘being’ in food, in drink and intoxication.

And the human in a witches’ hat is looking for expressions of his spiritual being. He is trying to bring out the magic in his actions.


   Well… was there a hat for you?