The World of Wisdom

The Teacher: “The World of Wisdom is presented as a vast sea and every essence is a drop of this sea. Everything the sea -the World of Wisdom-contains is also in that drop. Therein the essence is an indivisible part of all that IS.  However this is not a complete picture; although the essence is part of this sea, through the gaps the essence still has, it cannot comprehensively embrace the entire sea and I adjust my explanation to what the essence is able to understand.

The World of Wisdom Includes Everything
In the World of Wisdom everything is present; both the crudest and the finest vibrations and we don’t talk about heaven and hell. Heaven and hell are contrasts: here is light and here is darkness, but the World of Wisdom is all, there you will find both the light and the dark forces, here contrast does not exist.

In religions heaven and hell are seen as two separate worlds and one makes a separation between the dark and light vibrations. We don’t make a distinction. We don’t judge and we are not standing here with a warning finger as happens often in churches where one says: ‘This is sin and that we have to swear off’, and then one talks about hell and damnation. The essences which take a detour and are in contact with the dark, unrefined energies that man calls hell, are not lost for the World of Wisdom.
Not only do these essences have a place, they are also helped to get on the path of consciousness towards the light.

In the course of centuries people were often sent from out of the World of Wisdom to this planet to give lessons to people who were far along enough in their development to receive these lessons. These lessons were always wrapped in symbolic language because this is the language of the World of Wisdom.
If you look at all of the holy books, the contents of these holy books consist only of stories in symbolic language, and it is wonderful, if one knows this and also handles it this way. But very often people look at these texts with their thinking hats and see these as facts and extract all kinds of rules that must be followed. Religion is the work of man and shaped by man.

We have passed on from out of the World of Wisdom what we considered important. Religions were in the first place just a form of lessons, such as now are given via Magda and from our point of view that should have been all.
So we do not throw it all out, but we only say to man: ‘Please, try to feel the difference, try to feel if the way you live is still true for you and wonder if you can still recognize yourself in all these old rules’. Each essence is unique and what is important for the one is not necessarily so for another.

The World of Wisdom is Endless, It has Growth, and There is no Limit.


All That Is

The World of Wisdom has no beginning nor an end.
She is: All that Is and nothing will disappear.
Her energy functions as a silver mirror;
it helps the man to see himself very clear.
See it as support in this earthly existence
For the man who wants to walk the road to consciousness. 

This urge present in each of you
Is to learn to recognize a desire deep and true.
But, as you’ll find out: the gate to this path is guarded
by very strong norms and standards.
For the consequences of your thoughts you may fear
the remarks you do not wish to hear.
Then go to your nature power for consultation,
as it is the intermediary between you and your essence
that gives new inspiration. 

And your essence is part of the Silver Sea
It knows we’re always there for you
You’re never out of our view.