The Teachers

You might already know that there are seven Teachers who have the task to guide all essences that have chosen the human form to full consciousness.

The Teacher says: If we look at the thinking hats we see that people often imagine us as men or as entities who happen to have the possibility to make use of the human. But we are a form of energy; see it as a cloud full of drops, and this energy cloud is made up of countless essences. All of these essences form together one Teacher.

We are the equivalent of all essences that are present in our energy, because we are made up of all these essences. How conscious we are as Teachers depends on the extent of consciousness of the essences. So here we have no goal, we have no limit. We continue to learn, we continue to grow; there is never a standstill.

So there are seven energy forms that each have their own quality:
Protection, Healing, Justice, Harmony, Neutralisation, Force and Transgression.

We speak then of a particular tone colour. There are seven tone colours.
Symbolically they are represented as seven different trains.

The train is chosen for one physical life time; it depends on what kind of energy the essence needs to help it continue on its path to full consciousness.
So each essence can choose one of the seven trains in accordance with its need for challenge, for new experiences.
The essence chooses a body according to its development level of that moment.
It is looking for a train on a particular track in a certain colour.
It can opt for the same train as in a previous life, but in the end it will feel bored (everything is already known) after which it eventually will choose for another basic tone. It has to do with a human’s life assignment.

The tone colour is at the same time the connection between the World of Wisdom and the essence of the humans and ther humans are in permanent contact with one of us Teachers.
Image: there is a large circle of people around the Teacher, they all have the same tone colour. The human experiences the group as a ‘sea of souls’, as he feels that he is in the same tone colour.
The human in his life will establish contacts with people who have the same energy. The fact is that energy is of such a quality and so strong that one does not feel at ease, when in the everyday life one comes in contact with people who are in the energy of another Teacher.
And that is not at all strange, for it is precisely through all those energy forms of us that cultures were born.

We have many opportunities to manifest ourselves to the outside world, but then we show always just small parts of what we carry inside. So our capacities as Teachers are so great, not one human, not one essence can grasp this.
We cannot create an image of ourselves even though we have many possibilities, but sometimes we manifest ourselves as some kind of telephone exchange. A telephone exchange with billions of lines. And if you follow such a line, each line is connected to a particular essence.
The essence may already consider itself fortunate, if it discovers the droplets next to it.
Because usually an essence is not yet so conscious that it is aware of being present with a number of drops in that cloud, let alone that it can see that cloud as a Teacher. So this gives a better picture when we speak about our energy than when we refer to men or telephone exchanges or whatever.
Try to remove your own images from your thinking hat, because then you are open to what we really are and start feeling our energy as well.