The Task

It is our task to guide the essence to full consciousness, enabling it to switch to another pool.
We know what every essence needs, but we also know the possibilities of the human which the essence uses. That is why our guidance will always be twofold; on the one hand the essence, and on the other hand the human. This means that if we want to help the human to open up to his essence, we should also be aware of the blockages, the fears, the vulnerabilities, the pain, and confusion that the human can fall into.
Fortunately, we can count on a large group of spiritual helpers, both on our side as in the matter, who we can bring in sometimes, and accompany along with the human who has lost his way.

We have many possibilities to support the human.
We do, however, make a distinction, as it depends on the stage of development the person is in. We will approach someone who has reached the stage where he can make contact with his essence differently, rather than someone that we know is thinking: I have to pray if I want to get help. It does not matter who he is requesting help from, we receive the intention of the request for help and we look how that human can be helped in the best way.

We can show the human who is further on his path in his physical consciousness, what is going on through a dream, but we can also directly approach him and then the human experiences that he himself knows the answer. We think that meetings are also a form of help, because the human, who is ready for it, is invited by us through the energy of an advertisement. We observe in the persons present, which questions they have, what their lessons are, which sidetracks are taken, and we look at the ansuing suffering, and the lessons and our answers are adapted accordingly.

Spiritual Helpers
Spiritual helpers are fully conscious essences that have the task to assist us, the seven Teachers, in helping every human being on his path, every essence on its path.
When the essence is fully conscious, the need to come to this planet is no longer present and the theme of its whole life is its task. Then it gets the chance to make a choice: I want to go back to this planet to engage in my task again and I am going to look for a body that has the potential to do so, or I stay in the World of Wisdom and help the other essences that are on their way and need to feel supported for a while. Then it becomes a co-worker in the World of Wisdom as a spiritual helper, as a servant of the Teachers.
We can be present as Teachers, but many people have not yet the possibility to be in direct contact with us, because our vibration, our appearance is so vast that they cannot cope with it. Therefore these spiritual helpers are also very important, because their vibration corresponds a little with your vibration, by which contact is much safer and easier for you.

The Human and his Task
When the human listens to his own essence and is attentive, he will find that he is pushed into certain direction.
He is put in certain situations that have to do with his task. The huan does not get a label saying: that’s it, but along his path of consciousness it will become more clearer.
The goal is wrapped in your essence that tells you: ‘This belongs to you and that does not belong to you’.
At the time the human makes contact with his essence, he already has a view on the goal that eventually will be his task in this life.
In the purple vibration the human gets in contact with his task for the first time.


The Task

When the battle in the matter is fought
And the Silver consciousness wants to come out,
Then the choice is yours
To go on the path of the task.
An unknown territory awaits
Where new experiences can be gained.

Your essence has known this all along
 But your thinking hat is confused, is in a daze
What am I to do in this entirely new place?
But the World of Wisdom will not throw you to the wolves.
You’ll get the chance to quietly make your moves.
Because step by step and at ease
She will point out your possibilities
During this adventurous journey.
And even though the content of the task comes out of the blue,
  You feel it is, surprisingly, exactly what belongs to you.

It does not always come so easy,
  Everything seems to be covered in mist.
And yet it reflects a great desire,
  This inner dream of your essence exists.

Very slowly something is beginning to stir
Then suddenly you are in touch with the blueprint
Of the task that is stored within.
The World of Wisdom uses this moment
  And shows you what you do not recognize in this white mist
By a happening, a meeting or a sign.
She takes you by the hand
And gets you out of no-man’s-land.

You get help on the path of your task with new opportunities.
You see a lot of long forgotten possibilities
In a clear dream or a moment of suddenly knowing.
This way the World of Wisdom keeps your real desire going.