The Planet

The Teacher: The essence can make use of a physical body on this planet, to move forward on its path and gain experience. The essence selects the human form to learn its lessons concerning to desires and contradictions.

In the Beginning
Your essence started out at some point as a very small solid entity and gradually it had to start moving and become aware. At this point, the essence has very few possibilities to gain experience. Initially it will seek this in an animal body, even though it is not at all aware of it; it will be directed by one of us or by spiritual helpers. Whilst inhabiting the body of an animal that resides on this planet, it can get used to the planet form, to growth, to the developments that are attached to the life forms on this planet.
The essence remains as an unconscious form in the body of an animal a great many lives, from lesser animal species that merely exist in the present and cannot learn, to more superior animal species which already can learn, experience fences, but they themselves will not attempt to investigate.
By this development the essence gradually comes to a point where it slides into a human form.

The Choice
At the moment that the essence is ready to pursue its lessons in the material world, it will consult a spiritual helper to see which lessons it has and why it has them. Opportunities are provided here to get started with these lessons.
The essence has no connection with the body, but only knows: I have to pick a body with a thinking hat in that particular atmosphere, in that particular social environment where I can learn my lessons.

The Body as Work Material
We see the human body as a kind of cloak, in the form of an overall. An overall that can be seen as a sort of work assignment for the essence that can then make use of the body, the character and the genetic material, because it wants to progress its own development. The essence is not at your service but instead you are at the service of the essence.

If you look at humanness, you will see that the human beings have four options. They think, feel, learn and use the earth's energy that comes from this planet.
Here are four ways that make you human. No animal has this potential. Only you as a human being in this human form have these four possibilities and the essence can make use of them.

The essence will connect to a physical body, because its lessons can only be learned through experience, and experiences are related to emotions and feelings associated with being human. The essence hopes, through the emotional charge caused by a lesson in the cloak form, to be able to understand why it had to experience this lesson.
The human is asked not to identify with any emotion any more, to enable him to distance himself from his own situation and his understanding of his own situation will start to evolve.


An emotion is an invitation to explore
The thread that runs through one's life and what's more.
It may sometimes seem like a lesson in pain,
But dodge it you won't, it's a growth process gain.

But the man who thinks he and his emotions are one,
Believes in these thoughts, he feels small and undone.

Only when he trusts in his desires and his dreams,
Emerge possibilities true, hitherto unseen.