The Essence

The Teacher: ‘Every essence is a drop of the sea and all of what the sea, the World of Wisdom contains, is also in that drop. In it the essence is a part of all that IS, that has existed for centuries. But in my explanation I give what your essence can understand at this point in its development, so it is not a complete image.
The essence is who you really are, but you overlook it and you don’t make contact with it, but only that is your actual ‘I’.

The Small I-conscience
This planet only knows the human form and when you see yourself as a human, you will choose this form again and again and you will continue to hang on to the gravity of this planet.
It is the small I-conscience that the human knows as the ego and this consists of:
The cloak, this is the physical body.
The car, symbol of the character, the genetic material and the thinking hat.
The house, it stands for the atmosphere, the vibration body.
We often hear the human complain: ‘I have to get rid of that ego’, but the ego is the small I-conscience and you cannot get rid of it.

The Large I-conscience
The essence is who you really are, in it is also your natural power that is in contact with the World of Wisdom.
The large I-conscience is very important to continue your way, to gain new experiences, but you don’t see that at all, because the thinking hat exhibits a greater tenancy than it actually should have. Nevertheless you are the boss over your thinking hat and you can say:
‘My thinking hat is saying this, though I have my doubts about that and I will not listen to that just now.’ At that moment your view broadens, to the outside as well as to the inside.

The Content of your Essence
You have a whole world full of experiences within your essence, experiences that you have to accept and that can help you on your path. This world is so beautiful, so full, so manysided; you cannot at all form an image of it with your thinking hat.
You think that you are living in a fine society, but it is nothing in comparison with all the worlds that are a part of your own essence.
Your essence would like to take a different path than what your thinking hat is suggesting to you. Your essence is on its way, but the human who doesn’t notice that his essence calls him, stands still and doesn’t use the opportunities he has.
Th human himself has to open the door to his essence and that is possible if he turns inward. Here he runs into layers of himself with lessons attached, will he at that moment have the courage to say: ‘What are these lessons telling me, what should I learn from them?’
That is the opening to your essence.

 Wezen plaatje


In contact with the Source 
From where all took its course,
A voice spoke to me:
Experiencing the Unity makes you free
Of big or small, of against or pro,
Of good and evil, of blessing and hope.
But you know you cannot make another wise,
As only in the one who is open, the Silver can rise.

I am Allah, Jahweh and God
And man will not find me in laws and commands.
I am Buddha and Jesus, but I am also you
You can experience me by the ether element you go through.
You are part of me, but I am not complete,
If you don’t remember me, if we never meet.
Imagine me like an enormous sea,
Full of drops that areunaware yet
 Of the essence of their own existence and me.
But see themselves as a separate part, so small,
Unconscious of me, the ocean, the encompassing All.
Consciousness-raising of the drop is an individual issue,
It requires you to continuously discolour your view.
Because on your path in the ocean of Wisdom
You lose new insights again and again.

Extension is growth, is capacity to learn, on the whole
Consciousness-raising has no particular goal.

But once conscious of yourself and of your place,
The content of several drops will be your base.
So that extension is reached in the Silver Sea 
And you have a role to play, just wait and see.
Because everything counts, each part matters in this action,
In the quest for Unity, for the ultimate Connection.
Where Godly power will manifest in Growth: