World of Wisdom

Teacher: “The World of Wisdom is presented as a vast sea and every essence is a drop of this sea. In the World of Wisdom everything is present; the most coarse to the finest vibrations, for we don’t judge and we are not standing here with a warning finger as happens often in churches where one says: ‘This is sin and that we have to swear off’. The essences which take a detour and are in contact with the dark, not refined energies, are not lost for the World of Wisdom. Also these essences have a place and also they are helped to get on the path of consciousness towards the light.

It is very difficult for man to imagine the World of Wisdom. Therefore we always use the symbol of a large swimming pool where you can find a paddling pool, a beginners’ pool, the advanced pool and the diving pool. When we look at the water in the paddling pool, the first pool, it is made of drops and every essence can be seen as a drop of that paddling pool. All essences that have chosen for the human form can be found in this paddling pool. The man being on his way to a higher consciousness will first have to learn all about that paddling pool. When he is fully conscious and fully conscious means that he knows that paddling pool, then he is so far that he can switch to the beginners’ pool. There he will find all kinds of new possibilities, and he will gain new experiences to move on to an even greater consciousness.

The World of Wisdom is endless, it has growth, and there is no limit.