The Task

We, seven Teachers, are all connected with the essences that are in our energy. We have the ability to find out: what does an essence need to continue on its path? As it is our task to guide the essences to full consciousness.

We know what every essence needs, but we also know the possibilities of the human used by the essence.

We have many possibilities to support the human.
We do however make a distinction; as it depends in which stage of development the person is. We will approach someone who has reached the stage where he can make contact with his essence differently, rather than someone that we know is thinking: 'I have to pray if I want to get help'. It does not matter to whom he is requesting help, we receive the intention of the request for help and we look how that human can be helped in the best way.

For this purpose we make use of spiritual helpers. These fully conscious essences have the task to assist us in helping every human being on his path and every essence on its path.

The Human Being and his Task
In the purple vibration the human gets in contact with his task for the first time. When the human listens to his essence, he will find that he is pushed in a certain direction. He is getting placed in certain situations that have to do with his task. 

The human does not get a label saying: that’s it, but along his way of consciousness it will become more clear.
Your essence will let you feel: 'This belongs to you and that does not belong to you’.