Teacher: A human reflects in his thinking hat the way he sees, feels and experiences himself, but he sees this behaviour in his contacts with other people.
In this reflection a human being is hurt, and one who is not yet conscious, often says things like: ‘How on earth is that possible? Why am I constantly meeting people who are so unkind to me?’
But the human does not realise that they are reflecting his own emotions back to him.

You know that every human has an aura, has a radiance, in which the vibrations of the emotions are also enclosed. But when a human looks, he is not aware that he is looking through his own vibrations and that these personal emotion-vibrations guide his view.

What he sees in another person says something about his own emotions. They are reflected by the other person.
If you are aware of this, you will never be able to judge someone again and say: ‘He is like this or she is like that.’

Reflectie plaatje

Seeing your own reflection is often very difficult for people, and that is why you should ask yourself: what is it that bothers me in relationships with other people? What hurts me, where lies my vulnerability?

You will notice that the emotions that bother you in relationships with others are like a thread running through your life. They have to do with the lesson that you’ve been carrying in your rucksack from a young age.

By becoming aware of this, you get a broader view of your lesson and your own nature of survival.