Teaching Material

The lessons that are passed through Magda during meetings can be found in the book ‘Wealth of Wisdom’, that will come available in French, German and English in the course of 2016. 

Everyone who gets in contact with it can translate it to his own possibilities, by which one gets a broader perspective on the World of Wisdom and one’s own humanness.

When you come in contact with The World of Wisdom for the first time, you might come across unknown concepts. At conceptsyou will find a brief explanation about these.

Theme texts introduce you to the view of the Teachers on topics with which a man may struggle or wants to know more about. This information usually has been passed on during meetings, but texts are also regularly passed on as and when deemed necessary.

The Teacher begins with passing an introductory symbolic image, after which the explanation of this image follows. The texts sometimes contain questions from visitors and the answers that are given to clarify the theme.

Deepening: Here you will find more information about a number of topics.
These are summaries of the information from various textbooks and they provide a further explanation and deepening.