The Hat 

Thinking is comparable to a hat that you wear.
That represents all you believe that you are.
But if your principle in life, really from stem to stem,
Is the well-known saying ‘I think, therefore I am’
And ‘When I know my thoughts from top to toe,
Like a lamp they will light the path to go’,
Then we must disappoint you, there is no bright light,
As all that thoughts do is just block your sight.

For even if you made it to the top, who knows, with glory,
That says nothing about your tree, for Wisdom is a simple story.
‘It is painful in its simplicity’, you could even say,
And that’s exactly what the thinking hat wants to wave away.
That is why common patterns of thought
Think consciousness development is not worth to be taught.
Without qualifications no honour, so don’t even give it a try,
Do you see the proverbial camel going through the needle’s eye?

We assure you, the thinking hat will not back off of its own accord,
So now and then best would be to throw it overboard.
‘Cause when you dive under your thoughts and arrive in your true home,
And begin to listen to all the signs of your little gnome,
The top of your tree will empty itself, the leaves will fall and fall,
And you contact the pure thinking used by the essence, once and for all.

Well, put aside your scepticism and give it a try:
Also your gnome wants to be standby!



Hoed Eva