A Different View of Christmas

May we come in to have a good talk with you 
About the Christmas celebration?
Because during this cosy midwinter feast,  
We would like to give you some more information. 

Christmas is a feast that is celebrated 
With houses and streets that are lavishly decorated.
And behind almost every window you’ll see
A very colourful Christmas tree.

And if you peep a little bit further inside 
 The washing line with Christmas cards will come in sight. 
Family ties will get a boost and greater meaning for a while.
No one should be lonely so give a big smile.

By the many traditions and all the frills and hypes 
One gets easily caught up in the orange vibes.
Because this is the colour vibration of ‘we’
And actually everyone finds this perfectly normal, you see.
But it is just the packaging of which one dreams,
It has no actual content and it is not what it seems.
And if you feel you find it hard to go along
To sing this same old values song,
Then it is time to contact your natural power, your gnome,
Because it knows that the festivities
Cannot touch your inner home.

Nature power is like the mustard seed that unfolds gradually,
But because of its intangibility is thrown away carelessly.
This seed must be cherished, needs time to grow, you see,
So that it can develop in your consciousness to a beautiful tree.

Because you can move mountains in this force
And you will gradually be introduced to spiritual laws.
Then in the daily quest in the here and now too
The child is born, also in you!

In the World of Wisdom Christmas has no roots,
You can see it as a pleasant rest in dark midwinter times.
So enjoy the decorations, the conviviality and the festive dish,
But don’t give a silver meaning to all of this.


Kerst rendier