Adam and Eve

The principle of the male and female component
May not be known to many people by this content.
But if you look at reasoning and feeling
It might become a bit more clear, our meaning.

When these aspects in man are focussed on himself,
He is sure to face the challenge, to find harmony for balance.
Because between reason and feeling it is often the same story,
Guarding their own ground, defending their territory.

It is sometimes a violent struggle and there is much bother.
Awareness is needed to open up to each other.
Turn inward and dare to look at what‘s really playing.
Then there will be interaction between reason and feeling.

The male stands for protection, the outgoing part.
The female fulfils the receiving role and she is the nurturing heart.
Together they are the life generating principle in this earthly existence,
But on the path of consciousness too
That in the world of vibrations will continue.

Adam en Eva

The bible is a book of symbolic value and gives birth
To ideas of what’s more between heaven and earth.