This form of education has already existed for 15 years, and has grown into a school with over 60 students (co-workers World of Wisdom). Passage is run by volunteers who have been attending the lessons for a longer period of time and who feel the need to help spread the energy of the World of Wisdom, and by doing so offering more and more people the opportunity to get in touch with it.

The base group consists of seven members who take care of the day-to-day management of the school, with each of them having their own area of activity. An advisory board of three people assists the base group. They work in consultation with the Teachers who guide the different aspects of the task.

Within the school there is also a dean and a concierge who are available for answering questions.

There are seven classes and each class has its own specialization. You will find a theatre class, a practice class, a temporary class, a study class, a creative class, a meeting class and a mixed class (abroad). Each class is supported by a mentor.

Depending on their capacities and interests the students/co-workers choose a class in which they want to work on discovering and carrying out their respective tasks.

The school work consists at the same time of course material for the  students/co-workers, since this work is not only done from the thinking level but first and foremost in cooperation with the essence, so that the energy of the World of Wisdom flows along.