Teacher: The man reflects in his thinking hat the way he sees, feels an experiences himself, but he sees this behaviour in his contacts with others as well.
In this reflexion man is being hurt and the man who is not very conscious often says such things as: ‘how on earth is that possible? Why am I constantly meeting people who are so annoying to me?’
But the man does not realize that he is getting some of his own reflected emotions, thrown back at him.

You know that every man has an aura, has a radiation from him, in which the vibrations of the emotions have also been enclosed. And when man is looking, he is not aware that he is seeing things through his own vibrations and that these personal emotion-vibrations accompany his looking.
That what he is seeing in the other person says something about his own emotions.
They are reflected by the person opposite you.
If you are aware of it, you’ll never again be able to give an opinion about someone else saying for instance: ‘he is so–and–so or he is such–and–such.’

Reflectie plaatje

Seeing your own reflexion is very difficult for people. You’d better ask yourself: what is it that bothers me in relationships with other people? Where do I get hurt, what is making me vulnerable?


You can probably see that the emotions that bother you in relationships with others run like a thread through your life. They are to do with your lesson that is packed away in the rucksack that you have been dragging along with you since you were a child.

By becoming aware of this you also get a larger view on your own lesson and your own surviving nature.