Welcome to Passage, School for Consciousness Development

The name ‘Passage’ is the symbol of the transition in which a person, who has occupied himself with learnt knowledge and techniques, feels that there is more, continues to search and comes into contact with the energy and the potential of the World of Wisdom, after which he continues on his path to discover and explore.

In the Netherlands Passage organizes meetings and activities to which this inner journey is central.

During the first half of a meeting, the teachers of the World of Wisdom provide you with energetic support for both your physical and psychological processes. This part of the meeting is open to everyone, no matter what language one speaks. After the break, Dutch is spoken.

Everyone is free to leave after receiving the energy. An awareness-raising process is different for every human being and has its own pace. Anyone can therefore attend the meetings when he or she feels the need.

 In addition to the meetings that take place in the Netherlands, assistants organize activities at different locations, for example exhibitions, that encourage a person to reflect upon himself.

The meetings and activities are open to everyone and there is a pot available  for a voluntary contribution.

In the Netherlands five self-published books are issued as teaching materials.
The book Wisdom is currently being translated into French, English and German and will be available in 2016.
There are also theme texts and poems on the multilingual website.

We wish you a lot of inspiration…