Welcome to this Website.

Looking round, you may well sometimes scratch your head and wonder: 'What sort of a school is this, and what should I do with it?' That is why we would like to start with a text explaining why the World of Wisdom has triggered you, through a visiting card, an article in a newspaper, a dream, to go and look for this site.

The reason why the Teachers have chosen the name ‘Passage’ may also get clearer to you through the text. And if you think ‘who is Magda?’ you may read about her in ‘Meetings’.


The Passage

Magda: There is an image of a very big book. This book is lying open and looking at the book, I see a gate, a passage, appearing, as if the passage is cut in the paper pages. On the left of the gate is a Teacher and he is beckoning me. I look through the gate and see behind it a great shining light. It is no sun, it is no daylight, but a very specific vibration that is present there. Now the Teacher invites me to step through the passage and go towards this light. I see people making a hesitant first step through this passage, but also that they are received on the other side by the Teacher and the spiritual helpers present there.

Explanation of the Teachers: You saw that in this image a transition, a passage was created. This ‘passage’ means that a human being who is searching, who busies himself with techniques and knowledge, will go through this passage at a certain moment, and makes more conscious contact with the World of Wisdom.

Blue Vibration
Through this symbolic image we have now shown you the entire process for which you are now heading. The human being who attends our meetings, is at least in the blue vibration. And the blue vibration means: the development of his throat chakra. And this human being is actually very busy with psychic affaires. With all sorts of techniques, with meditation, etc. You probably have some idea of the possibilities in this field. When a human being busies himself with this, he looks at knowledge and that is the meaning of the book in which we made this gate.

You can read the entire text here.